April 14, 2005

The ricin ring that never was

The Guardian has a story about the ricin poisoners of 2003 and how they have a greater connection to the survivalists of the USA than Al Qaida. Nor can this guy really be called a terrorist 'master-mind' as he was on the BBc last night, as his plan was apparently to spread his poison on door handles of random people in order to course mass panic. Small problem, this would have killed nobody. Ricin is only toxic if ingested or injected, simply touching it does nothing. So he appears to be not so much going for the Bin Ladin Terrorist of the Year Award as the Richard Ried Incompetent of the Year Award. The only people he paniced where the ones in whitehall. The murdering gimp should however never been in the country at all, he was an illegal immergrant who had been caught numerous times for stealing. It was known that he was an illegal immergrant when he was arrested for stealing, so why didn't they just deport him then? He was quite clearly not supposed to be here, or doing anything constructive whilst he was here, and if he'd been thrown back to the Middle East (with the Sharia law that he so loves) detective Stephen Oake would still be alive and we wouldn't have had any of this mess.


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